Best Doctors in Town

We have the best and most experienced physicians in Calgary. As a health trust, our mission is to ensure that all Calgarians have access to the highest quality of healthcare. Check out our team of doctors, and find one that's perfect for you.

Trustworthy healthcare providers

We are committed to providing top-quality care to all Calgarians, no matter what their income is or what type of job they have. We offer subsidized rates on health services so they're easier to afford, and many of our clinics are even open late so working people can get care when they need it most!

Dr. Dan Gavira is Calgary's top doctor and has been providing high-quality care to patients for over 30 years.
Calgary's top doctors can be found in the list. Find the best doctor for medical examinations, surgical procedures, cosmetic surgery, and more.

Focused on quality care

Our family physicians are focused on providing you with the highest level of collaborative, compassionate, quality care and it shows. We take pride in practicing evidence-based medicine and have made it our mission to offer you a wide range of services in your neighbourhood.

Healthcare experts at your doorstep

With over 1,000 family physicians and over 300 specialists, we are able to provide the broadest range of healthcare services. From family doctors and pediatricians to dermatologists and orthopedic surgeons - we've got you covered!

Quality of care that matters

Our physicians have a single focus - to practice evidenced-based medicine and provide the highest level of collaborative, compassionate, quality patient-centered care. And it's only at Calgary Health Trust clinics that we will work with you one on one to create your personalised health plan.

Wherever you are in Alberta, find a clinic near you and ask about our new concierge service!

Your health is our priority

You're not just a number here. From personal health plans to concierge service for your busy lifestyle, we're here for you at all stages of life!

If it's time for an annual check-up or a wellness exam with your family physician, or if there is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention - our doctors are here for you. No matter what time of day or night.

Find a qualified doctor in Calgary. Read reviews and view ratings to find a doctor near you.